My name is Rob Gale, I am a freelance illustrator and designer with two decades of experience working in publishing, gaming and advertising. I love collaborating to generate big ideas and create immersive experiences for the audience. Whether it’s a full-blown visual system for an online brand, a motion graphic piece, or an arresting image, I take pride in doing my part to make sure the customer is absolutely delighted down to the last pixel.

I can be reached via email at rob@robgale.

I got into the digital design business straight out of art school where I studied film and new media. It was the late 90s, and the Web was still a lot like the Wild West. People hadn’t yet developed strong ideas of what was and was not possible, and I loved the energy of discovering this new world, enchanted by the infinite possibilities of the medium. It was a perfect fit for my multi-disciplinary background as an artist, filmmaker and kid who grew up tinkering with computers since my first Apple II+.

Early in my career I distinguished myself as a designer who could create emotional impact through interweaving image, motion and sound into immersive interactive experiences. I had the opportunity to collaborate on several award winning digital experiences for the entertainment industry, including work on a handful of dream projects for the Star Wars franchise as well as work for EA, New Line, Sony Pictures, and a number of incredible clients.

As I developed as an artist, I found myself longing for a stronger connection to the fundamental building blocks of visual communication. And so I decided to undertake a rigorous course of study to master the art of drawing, a skill that I consider absolutely fundamental to truly connecting with the human imagination. In an age of computer assisted creative production, I saw that the people who I admired most had this tightly coupled relationship between what they saw in their imagination and what they made with their hands.

These days my work is a mixture of computer aided design and hand crafted narrative work and a search for the creative spark that is found when worlds collide. It is, in the end, a search for the experience of wonder both in the creative process and in the viewer’s experience of the final product.

Partial Client List

Electronic Arts
Jose Cuervo
J.P. Morgan
FX Networks
Hard Case Crime
Naked Juice
New Line
Sony Pictures
Umbra 3D
Warner Bros


I've known and worked with Rob for more than seven years, and I have always found his work to be well-executed and delivered on time. Rob is a very talented designer and artist, and he has a personality that makes working with him an extremely positive experience.
– Ian Burns, Group Creative Director | HUGE

Rob is a creative powerhouse, fine tuning every comp to maximize cool factor and polish. His contribution of motion graphics and art direction went a long way towards helping us win the first Spider-Man movie online campaign. He is a product of the Star Wars, anime and sci-fi generation and it shows in his work.
– Perry Wang, VP & Co-Founder | Trigger Global

Great creative is one of the key factors for an agency to win new accounts, solve client's business goals and engage consumers. I have had the pleasure to work with most of the top creative talent in LA and I can easily say that Rob Gale is one of the best. He is smart, multi-disciplined and fast. Every time I've worked with Rob I've won accounts, solved client's business goals and delivered impact to consumers.
– Gregg Apirian, Managing Director | Vignette